Friday, May 23, 2008

Cute Chicks

I love these little chicks! When I started to make this card I was going to use one pocket. I figured I would mess one up stitching, so I cut out two just in case. BUT, I didn't mess up! See, I am not a very good stitcher. I cannot stitch a straight line to save my life. I did not even use the foot pedal on these. I turned & turned & turned the hand wheel the whole time! They turned out so cute so I decided to use both.
I took with photo outside and the one below is scanned.

The weather is beautiful today!! FINALLY! WE have a baseball game tonight and it looks like we won't have to wear winter coats. For the past two weeks it has been so cold and windy that everyone has been bringing blankets, gloves and winter coats. I'm hoping to get some photos of my older son playing tonight.
Enjoy your Friday Night!

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